NL-63 / NL-53 / NL-43 | Class 1 / Class 2 Sound Level Meter


“Connect” is the key word for RION’s New Gen Sound Level Meters.
More intuitive operation with touch panel, LAN terminal for more expandability, USB type-C connector for power supply/ data transfer, and newly added measurement function enhance your possibility of noise measurement. We carefully designed our new sound level meter to maintain the advantages of previous model such as easy operation, reliability, and robustness. At the same time, there are plenty of new features to the new model to support your measurement task. Fully complied with international standards IEC 61672-1:2013, ANSI/ASA S1.4. NL-43, NL-53, NL-63 sound level meters are very popular noise measuring device among various kinds of industries and applications as they can support measurement according to international and local regulations, guidelines.

Product line-up

  • NL-43: Class 2 Sound Level Meter
  • NL-53: Class 1 Sound Level Meter
  • NL-63: Class 1 Sound Level Meter with low frequency sound measurement
  • NL-43EX: Class 2 Sound Level Meter, NX-43EX pre-installed
  • NL-53EX: Class 1 Sound Level Meter, NX-43EX pre-installed


Touch panel screen

  • With fully touch panel screen, you can easily access to the function and operation command that you seek.
  • The essential operation such as power on/off and start/stop measurement are still controlled with a physical keys. This design is based on philosophy that reliability is the key to noise measurement.
    NL-43, NL-53, NL-63 Touch Panel

Feature-packed Interface

  • USB Type-C connector enables power supply from portable battery and data transfer.
  • LAN Terminal for connecting to a network.
    NL-43, NL-53, NL-63 Interface

Web browser function

You can remotely access to your sound level meter via web browser after establishing the network connection. The connection can be established via LAN cable directly connected to the meter, or mobile wifi router for remote connection. This helps you to optimize your measurement procedure.
The measurement value is showed on the screen, you can access to the setting menu, and saved data can be downloaded from SD card. You can remotely what dB level is detected by you sound level meter in Leq, Lmax, LE, LT, and so on. For example, “the current noise level is 55dB and it is close to the threshold”. It is also beneficial for you to see your dB meter is working properly!

NL-43, NL-53, NL-63 Web browser

Optional programs

By installing optional programs via SD card, you can add advanced functions to the device.

  • Extended function program NX-43EX
  • Waveform recording program NX-43WR
  • Octave, 1/3 octave band analysis program NX-43RT (Coming soon)
  • FFT analysis program NX-43FT (Coming soon)

* To install the optional programs, NX-43EX must be installed to the meter. It is pre-installed to NL-63. NX-43EX pre-installed versions are available for NL-43 and NL-53.

NL-43, NL-53, NL-63 Option Program

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