Solutions for environmental noise measurement

Noise pollution nowadays is largely spreading among our living environment. To control noise exposed to us, there is likely to be noise regulations and guidelines in each country or prefecture. RION’s versatile reliable noise measurement solutions help various environmental noise fields.


1.Construction Site Noise
The number of constructions in urban area is increasing as economic is growing. Several heavy machineries are used in such place, and their noise emission would severely cause hearing problem, or make living of nearby residential area worse. noise threshold is determined depending on area and zone. IEC 61672 type 1 or type 2 sound level meter is required depending on regulations in each country. Our sound level meter is adaptable for many ways of usage, from just calculating LAeq to determining noise source using octave band analysis and recorded sound or establishing noise monitoring system connecting to external devises.
2.Occupational Noise
Noise measurement in work please is essential to protect workers’ hearing. In most country, hearing damage is one of the biggest topics in occupational health, so there is more and more demand to control noise level at workplace. Workplace noise is normally evaluated by equivalent sound pressure level (LAeq). Regardless the regulations, RION sound level meter can provide easy and reliable solution to determine noise level at workplace.


3.Bar, Restaurant Noise
In urban area bars, restaurants, and karaoke shops provide us a lot of fun. But sometimes the noise from such places are social issues. Typical solutions for such urban noise are survey with hand-held sound level meter, or online monitoring system that automatically detects the site exceeding permissible noise level. RION can provide products for each solution and customize up s system that meets customer’s requests.