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You don’t need to carry bulky measurement system to your operation site anymore. Rionote is consisted from compact 2ch/4ch amplifier unit and 10.1 inch touch panel LCD display that enables easy and intuitive measurement. Applications designed for dedicated purpose such as FFT analysis, Octave band analysis, and vibration analysis helps your task at quality control, production line, equipment diagnosis, and R&D. Not only microphones and vibration sensors, but also general AC/DC signal can be input so that you can complete your multiple measurement task.

What you can do

FFT analysis

RIONOTE enables you to perform FFT analysis on multiple channels simultaneously. The results are shown in clear graphs on the large color screen, in real time, or from stored data when using the recall function. A marker allows you to scroll through the data, and enables the readout of the level of a frequency of interest.


Octave band analysis

Real time analysis of noise levels for evaluation and designing countermeasures is usually performed by means of octave band analysis (using either octave bands or 1/3 octave bands). The below screen sample of the RIONOTE displays octave analysis results in 4 channels as a graph and numeric values at the same time.


Vibration analysis

This program adds vibration measurement functions to the RIONOTE Multifunction Measurement System
>>All essential vibration measurement functions are provided, enabling equipment diagnosis and trend management for industrial machinery.
>>The program also supports detailed diagnosis including FFT analysis and envelope processing.


Waveform recording

By using the waveform recording program, it is possible to display and record the time waveform of the incoming signal(s). Available recording time depends on the number of input channels and the selected frequency range. The figure below shows a time waveform displayed on the screen of the Main Control Unit.





Input Section
Number of channels 4 (2), BNC connectors,CCLD, AC/DC
Max. input voltage ±13 V
CCLD 2 mA 24 V (4 mA Factory option)
Amplifier section
Frequency range DC to 20 kHz or 0.25 Hz to 20 kHz
Input range -40 dB to 20 dB, 20-dB steps, 0 dB ref.1 Vrms
Residual noise At range full-scale: -85 dB or less (0 dB range, AP level)
Dynamic range 100 dB or better (0 dB range, fs = 51.2 kHz, 400 line FFT noise level)
Phase difference
between channels
±1 deg. or less (1 Hz to 20 kHz, same input range)
A/D converter section
A/D converter 24 bit, delta-sigma type, simultaneous sampling
Sampling frequencies 51.2 kHz, 25.6 kHz, 12.8 kHz, 5.12 kHz, 2.56 kHz,1.28 kHz, 512 Hz, 256 Hz
Display 10.1 inch TFT color LCD, 1 280 x 800 pixels, transmissive type
Touch panel Multi-touch (2 points), projected capacitive type
Input/output section
USB USB A x 1, mini B x 1
Earphone jack Yes (Stereo mini jack, φ3.5)
SD card slot Yes (SDHC support, max. 32 GB)
Tacho pulse input, General purpose input
Number of channels 1, BNC connector
Tacho pulse
Input voltage range 0 – 12 V, open collector supported, internal pull-up
3.3 V (pull-up resistance 1 kΩ)
H-L threshold level 2.5 V
Measurement rotation speed range 5000 pulse/s
General purpose
A/D converter 10 bit successive approximation type
Sampling frequency Approx. 10 Hz
External trigger Open collector supported, internal pull-up 3.3 V
Power supply Li-Ion battery (battery life approx. 4 hours, depending on usage conditions), AC adapter
Dimensions, Weight 40 (H) x 275 (W) x 188 (D) mm
SA-A1: 1 200 g (incl. 280 g battery, SA-A1B4 mounted)
Water-resistant rating Equivalent to IP54
Operating temperature range -10 °C to +50 °C using AC adapter, max. 90 % RH (no condensation)
Supplied accessories Rechargeable Li-Ion battery x 1, AC adapter NE-20P x 1, SA-A1 file converter, AS-70 Viewer

Application Examples

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